Robert Fripp

No Pussyfooting Evening Star Exposure God Save the Queen The League of Gentlemen Let The Power Fall I Advance Masked Bewitched Network God Save the King The League of Crafty Guitarists Live! The Lady Or The Tiger?


・No Pussyfooting (with Brian Eno) (1973)
・Evening Star (with Brian Eno) (1975)
・Exposure (1979)
・God Save the Queen / Under Heavy Manners (1980)
・The League of Gentlemen (with the League of Gentlemen) (1981)
・Let The Power Fall (1981)
・I Advance Masked (with Andy Summers) (1982)
・Bewitched (with Andy Summers) (1984)
・Network (1985)
・God Save the King (with the League of Gentlemen) (1985) *Compilation
・The League of Crafty Guitarists Live! (1986)
・The Lady Or The Tiger? (with Toyah Willcox) (1986)
・Show of Hands-Robert Fripp & The League of Crafty Guitarists (1991)
・The First Day (with David Sylvian)(1993)
・The Bridge Between (with the California Guitar Trio) (1993)
・1999 Soundscapes :Live in Argentina (1994) *Live
・Damage (with David Sylvian) (1994) *Live
・Redemption-Approaching Silence (with David Sylvian) (1994)
・FFWD (with The Orb) (1994)
・Intergalactic Boogie Express : Live in Europe (1995) *Live
・A Blessing of Tears 1995 Soundscape-Vol.2 - Live in California (1995) *Live
・Radiophonics 1995 Soundscapes Volume 1: -Live In Argentina(1996) *Live
・That Which Passes: 1995 Soundscapes, Vol.3 (1996)
・Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx (with the League of Gentlemen) (1996) *Live
The Gates Of Paradise (1997)
November Suite Live at Green Park Station (1997) *Live
・The Repercussions of Angelic Behavior (with Trey Gunn and Bill Rieflin) (1999)
・Temple In The Clouds (2000)
・The Equatorial Stars (with Brian Eno) (2005)
・Love Cannot Bear (2005) *Live

Show of Hands The First Day The Bridge Between 1999 Soundscapes Damage Intergalactic A Blessing of Tears 1995 Soundscape Radiophonics That Which Passes Thrang Thrang Gozinbulx November Suite The Gates Of Paradise